Smart APP acceleration helps B&R companies experience fast & stable data transmission

SD-WAN solutions, office APP acceleration, company (office, IDC, public or private cloud) interconnection

Quick Deployment

No change to the current network structure, plug-in-and-play.

Stable and Reliable

Highly redundant backup solutions guarantee an SLA level of 99.5%-99.9% service availability

High Cost Performance

Cut down the cost of dedicated network with CV-NET

Excellent Performance

Support 100Mbps dedicated bandwidth with the help of CVRouter

High Security

128 Bit SSL encryption secures the privacy of users' data.

A Brief Introduction to CVNET-SDWAN

CVNET-SDWAN is a combination of CVNET®, APSO® technology and Cloud Valley SD-WAN service. It will find a best path to connect to the CVNET-SDWAN POP automatically via WAN and the users can feel the network optimized immediately.


Increasing the availability rate of network service and bandwidths

Integrating the network construction plan without affecting the current IT framework

Completely automatic configuration/ Switching linking smartly/Dynamic routing renewal

App Acceleration

Setting the white list of the APP server makes the configuration secured and flexible

Setting the white list of the APP server makes the configuration secured and flexible

Customized product and service solves all kinds of problems

About CTS

Cloud Valley SDN backbone transmission: set different bandwidths for different model, brand & resolution and avoid waste of bandwidths

IPv6 network service: CV router full-automatic configuration helps developers build up testing environment promptly

IPv6/IPv4 double deck service: supporting developers to switch between two kinds of network smoothly without changing the backend service

CVNET SD-WAN VS Traditional


    • Quick Deployment Deploy in a few minutes, purchase after free trial

    • Flexible Migration Migrate easily at any time & to any place

    • Visible Management Visible network configuration supports remote
      or on-site maintenance

    • Optimizing Performance Ensuring the performance of critical applications within SLA range

    • Cost Saving No special requirements with Internet, easy maintenance

  • Traditional

    • Complicated to use Difficult and long-period deployment, ISP restrictions

    • Uneasy migration Hard to migrate with the changing of office site

    • Time-costing Maintenance Low efficiency and occupying lots of resources

    • Heavy Traffic poor experience of trans-region data transmission, invisible and unrecognized platform

    • High cost Dedicated line/public IP address/extra labor required

Advanced SDN networking structure in the world

Integrated & smart monitoring of the bandwidths and the routing makes the service more stable and reliable


App(s) acceleration including domain acceleration

Networking with Aliyun/AWS/Azure quickly

Our service creates your value

We sincerely hope that our service will escort you throughout the growth of your business

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One-to-one support provided by our experienced technical experts
7*24 h
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5 min
Quick response to work order, convenient customer service system
Remote support
Remote online assistance on various platforms

Constructing dedicated WAN for companies

Deployed via hardware or cloud platform. Set up in a minute and overcoming region restrictions
Enhancing the interconnection quality among all the company branches


Cloud Valley is an SD-WAN solution provider. Our company has been dedicated in providing fast, stable and secured network optimization service. With our self-developed SD-WAN network structure, our products and service include not only the professional communication network construction, enterprise network consulting, application integration and mobile Internet service, but also cross-city/cross-ISP/cross cloud platform one-stop dedicated line service, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise users' network communication.

Our tenet

Providing easy deployed and efficient used network environment and meeting all demands of enterprise users

Our value

As an innovative technology company, the duty of Cloud Valley is to connect enterprises with the rest of the world with its earnest service and creativeness

  • Earnestness

    Earnest service & careful operation

  • Agility

    Agile deployment and flexible networking

  • Safe

    Safe data under encryption technology

  • Young

    Keep progressing and keep innovating