Internet Virtual Private Network


The development of SSL appeals to the users' demands of low cost and good performance. So far, SSL VPN has been applied in all kinds of fields. Users should choose a SSL VPN product according to their business features. Cloud Valley will help the users with the installation of device or client.


According to the enterprise some mobile users need to access the client's VPN network, open the L2TP connection.

L2TP (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol, the second channel Protocol) is a VPDN dial (virtual private network) technology, a special used to carry out the second channel of data transmission, the second data unit, such as the point-to-point Protocol (PPP) data unit, encapsulated within the TCP/IP or UDP load, in order to smoothly through packet switched network (such as the Internet), arrived at the destination.

L2TP provides a means of remote access control, its typical application scenario is that a company employees through the PPP dial in to the company's local network access server (NAS), in order to access the company's internal network, to obtain the corresponding IP address and access network resources; The employee on a business trip to other place, he wants to like at this time within the company as well as local network IP address to access the internal network, operating the corresponding network resources, his way is to apply to the local ISP L2TP service, first by the local ISP, request the ISP and NAS company establish L2TP session, and negotiate to establish L2TP tunnel, then your ISP will he sent the PPP data channels of NAS through L2TP tunnel transferred to the company, the NAS is removed from the PPP data to carry on the corresponding processing, so the employee as if in a company as by NAS local access network.

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