SD - WAN line

SD - WAN (software defined WAN), using mature software technology (intelligent dynamic routing control, data optimization, the optimization of TCP, QoS) with the traditional network resources (e.g., public Internet) delicate and fusion, the maximum play to the performance of the traditional resources, so as to improve efficiency, improve customer experience.

Enterprise branch, cloud services, data centers, terminal users to connect enterprise nearby POP backbone network, through the real time optimization, can significantly save bandwidth use, efficient traffic control application and routing, optimize the rate can reach 50% 80%, reducing deployment time and cost savings for the customer at the same time, improve business agility.

Simple network deployment

Whether your branch in the data center or on the cloud, SD - WAN embedded network services, abstraction simplifies the complex underlying physical equipment allocation strategy definition, the flexibility and the realization of the automation network deployment.

The foreseeable application

SD - WAN can provide enterprises with predictable network, based on the bandwidth of the cloud management growth to the mode of payment, save unnecessary bandwidth costs effectively.

Bandwidth costs reduced

SD - WAN based on the enterprise existing network bandwidth, and with the help of the SD - WAN embedded network, can reduce the cost of network bandwidth.

SD - WAN line scheme here