Domestic intelligence network scheme

Along with the expansion of many enterprise business, enterprise branch are also expanding, from the same city to all over the country, even to the global development. Extensive branch, also brought new problems of department heads for the enterprise, how to each branch and the center for data, voice and video exchange business?

 More and more enterprises begin to gradually build your own information engineering in order to more quickly access to information, to improve their core competitiveness of enterprise, but at the same time, we focus on the many enterprise networks to form without a reasonable program planning, when use the network speed is slow, not safety, maintenance and extension is insufficient, lead to enterprise information construction is hampered by a serious.

Domestic intelligence network advantage

  • Network planning as a whole:Including network planning, route selection, project implementation and after-sales support and maintenance solutions
  • Professional network consulting services:Help customers one-time solve Internet, Intranet
  • All operators of high quality of the resource integration:Professional line resource team apply for reporting lines and processing all kinds of property and other issues
  • Perfect, network construction:Enterprises can adopt double network parallel program, master, network backup each other
  • Single is responsible for all the Windows:The only service vendor, without any vendor fault to evade a question each other
  • Professional docking services quickly:24 hours professional engineers one-on-one service, reduce customer communication time, a phone call to resolve the problem, the network is open all year round continuous monitoring, provide a comprehensive service network system
  • Exclusive network safely and quickly:Real enterprise exclusive private network, there is no any Shared bandwidth or sharing nodes
  • Headquarters of the abundant network control:Headquarters of the headquarters of abundant bandwidth, bandwidth is equal to all divisions combined
  • Really reliable availability:Between each into the branches of the network availability of 99.7%
  • Professional installation compatibility test:After installation, to provide professional equipment compatibility testing (UAT)
  • From equipment maintenance:Customers don't need to consider the selection of hardware, hardware free upgrade extend at any time

Domestic intelligent network chart