Android compatibility test GTS-environment build, test execution, result analysis

GTS-test execution, result analysis

1. Download the latest GTS test package from the official website, extract it to your Linux computer, connect to the mobile phone, and check if the mobile phone is connected to the computer through the adb device.

2. Go to the android-xts/tools path, as shown in Figure 1.

3. Run the script via "./xts-tradefed" to enter the GTS console and identify the connected phone, as shown in Figure 2.

4. After the console enters "run xts --plan XTS", you can run all the GTS packages. After running, you will first load the folder where the results are stored, and then start the run package, as shown in Figure 3.

5. If there is a case of not executed after the first round, you can continue the run not executed case by "run xts --continue-session session_ID". The session_ID can be viewed by "l r", as shown in Figure 4.

6. Generally, the fail item in the test is run three times, so when the first round is finished, you can use the "add derivedplan --plan -s -r fail" to create the plan of the fail item in the session. After the creation, you can pass the "lp". Check whether the plan_name is successfully created, and make sure to rerun the fail item by "run xts --plan plan_name" after the creation is successful, as shown in Figure 5.

7. The test results are automatically generated into android-xts/repository/results, which will be stored in the date plus time folder. The xtsTestResult.xml can be opened with Firefox browser to view the detailed test results, as shown in Figure 6.

So far, GTS has completed the analysis from the environment to the test results!

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